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Does C# code has some way to do the meshpatch command in rhino?

I checked rhinocommon.chm, but failed to find anything related to meshpatch

(I searched the key word "patch" and did not get what I want)

Thank you very much!

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It appears to be just a Delaunay mesh over a bunch of points. I don't think there is a RhinoCommon equivalent of this command.


David Rutten

Thanks for the reply!
I have a rectangle and a loads of closed curve inside, normally I will use PlanarSrf to create the srf with lots of holes.
but when the holes reach 10000 or more, I found that MeshPatch will be much faster, sometime hundreds of time faster.
Delaunay Mesh can not deal with this kind of problem.

Does GH or C# has any way to do mesh patch?
Does that mean that some powerful and useful command in rhino can never be found in GH,C# or rhinocommon?
Thank you again!

I see. There are lots of commands in Rhino that do not have a corollary in RhinoCommon and GH, it would appear that MeshPatch is one of them.


David Rutten

I added this as a feature request to our bugtracking system

This link is not open to the public yet, but hopefully soon.

really great!

Thank you!

Thank you!

It seems that I have to find another way.





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