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Hi GH-ers

I'm looking for an elegant way to create quad-mesh.  The best solution so far seems to be WB/CatullClark method that divides the triangulated mesh into smaller subdivisions of quads.

However what I really want to create is to simplify the triangular planes into quads, without giving a U-V grid.  To put it in another way, the ideal quad mesh produced should already suggest a U-V grid.

I also recognize that if we just combine triangles (or remove diagonals), the resultant quad may not be planar.  I envision that it may require some sort of relaxation by optimizing the position of the nodes (either just along Z, or all 3 axis) to create planar quads.

I look forward to your thoughts.




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Are you referring to the QuadrangulateMesh component?
Subdivision and attempt to backwards-reconstruction are two different things as you say.

Quadrangulate might work on many cases, but not all are solvable.
There is a Rhino command with this name and a Grasshopper component, in Mesh -> Util -> Quadrangulate.

- Giulio

VERY NICE.  Thanks Giulio. You're always helpful.

I'm now trying to see how I can control over the quadrangulation.


- otto


hi there Guilio

your weaverbird plugin still works as a charm. is there a away to roll back subDivision (since the object was backed)   meaning going one level lower on subD if there were no changes to the mesh and its still all quad mesh. thnx

Sorry, I never got around to implementing that feature.






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