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Hi all,

sorry if it's a stupid question ... I'm confused.

Is there a clean, generic way to duplicate RhinoCommon structure instances ?

In particular I'm talking about Rhino.Geometry structures.

Since in Python assigning a structure instance to a variable does not create a new instance, I'm looking for an easy way to duplicate that instance.

Some structures have what I might call copy-constructors:

I can build a new Point3d from another Point3d, same for Plane etc ...

Some other structures lack that. There is no constructor to build a Line from a Line, or an Arc from an Arc, etc.   Nor are there Duplicate() methods for them.

What should I do to duplicate an Arc ?



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Hi Emilio,
this is not a stupid question. You're talking about a so called deep-copy of an object. You can call it a copy-constructor but Point3d and Plane are an Exception for this type of constructors.
All GeometryBase based classes:
have inherited the method  Duplicate(), which makes a full (deep) copy of that object and returns a GeometryBase object. For all other types like Line, Arc, Circle, there are no comparing methods.
But you can cast a line/arc/circle/ellipse to a NurbsCurve duplicate that one. Later on you can convert the obtained GeometryBase object back to your desired type with these Methods:

TryGetArc(Arc, Double), TryGetCircle(Circle), TryGetEllipse(Ellipse).

I hope this answers your question.

Cordiali saluti,


Hi Florian,

many thanks for your clear explanation !

Indeed I copied the arc by an instruction like:

    newarc = Rhino.Geometry.ArcCurve( oldarc ).Arc

I'm glad to see that it's also what you suggest.  :)   ( I wasn't sure about it )

But I'm not glad to learn that there is no better way ...  ;)

... Having to create a class instance to copy a structure instance feels somewhat strange ...

OK, problem solved.

Thanks again !




if oldarc is of type Rhino.Geometry.Arc, you can just assign it directly and a copy will be made:

Arc newArc = oldArc;

oldArc.Radius = 5;

at this point newArc will still have the old radius.


David Rutten

Tirol, Austria

Hi David,

please correct me if I'm wrong.

I think that copy by assignment for structures works fine in VB and C#, but I just learned (the hard way ...) that Python works differently.

It seems that structure instances are copied by reference, just like class instances ...

Thanks for replying !


I suppose that a generic Python specific approach would be to use the copy module. See attached file. Also, really great post Florian.


That's awesome...these kind of things are the reason people should do python instead of vb/c# ;-)

Thanks Anders

Careful now, no worries ;)

Hi Anders,

nice idea ! Works fine.  :)

Thanks a lot !






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