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Hello all,

     I probably wont get many replies, but my problem is with processing. I am really new at it and I want to save out a pdf or dxf, but I cant seem to get it right. The language is so foreign and Iv never written code before. I have attached the Processing codes that I found online but cant get them to export in any format. I watched a few tutorials and found some links online discussing this, but because im not familiar with coding, Im really having a hard time.

Any help or even a revised code with the necessary changes for pdf or dxf output would be a tremendous help.


     I realize that this is the wrong place to post my question, but I am doing so as a last resort.

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Do u have to use processing? Why dont u use grasshopper for creating and manipulating the files using a vb or c# component?

Hey Steve,

     The issue im having is that, I dont know scripting or coding. I have never written a VB script or C#. Im curious though. What are the file conversions I would need to make to take the code into a VB or C# component? I dont have python on my computer. I just got comfortable using grasshopper this year but im not advanced enough to created VB components.

Thanks Anders!!!

No worries. Also, be sure to check out the Processing reference, under libraries there are examples for exporting to both pdf and dxf.

Hi Mike,

Pls see attached, they work for me, you have to press 's' for the sketch to save and close, the PDF will go to the same folder as your processing sketch.

A word of caution, unless you change the name of the output file "everything" before running the sketch the pdf will be overwritten without warning.

I Hope it helps!



With Files this time!


Thank you so much Evert. I can see how this works now, and you have taught me how to export pdfs. I can see where the export code has to go in a script now. Thanks for the tremendous help. I successfully applied it to other codes and I think I got it now.



Hi Mike,

I'm glad it helped  







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