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Currently trying to build up this definition to basically create bulbous surfaces out of existing outlines. The definition isn't finished as I am yet to add a part where it adjusts it to be more protuberant in the middle than at the ends (if you guys have any recommendations on this, I'm all ears!)

But, the problem I'm having right now is twofold: Some of the curves I've created to make the lofts seem to get flipped in the process while other create closed curves (I have no clue why or how this happens between two points). I'm attaching pictures with examples of both problems and rhino and grasshopper files.

Thank you in advance,


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For some reason your curves are all showing up as null. Can you post the rhino file?

Here it is! sorry it didn't add last time.


If you use the flip curve component and feed it a guide curve, I think that should do the trick.

For example, input all of your curves to the flip component, then input just one curve (using a list item to get just the first one is easy, you might have to flatten the input though) to the guide input.

also, just quickly glancing at your definition, it seems to me that a 2 rail sweep might be easier instead of going through all that trouble to create hundreds of curves to loft. Just a thought.

Thank you Brian,

i tried what you said with the guide curve but it says that the curve is not coplanar and will give unpredictable results, which it did and is worse than before.

As far as the sweep 2, i tried it but would like to use it with different curves in the sweep and it just goes crazy. :( 

any other ideas?

When I do it it looks like all the flips are fixed.



Hey Brian:

Thank you!

And since I started using other curves I decided to do it like this:

Cool! Glad it worked out!

Hi Nicolle I think it's a seam problem, check this fix before intersect.







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