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Hello everyone! I want to create a structure like a forest. Therefore I am trying to build a surface like in the posted image. Is there a way in Grasshopper to generate this complex surface. I started with one part of the surface, but I got stuck at the point where I tried to merge this part with the next one.
If there is a way to generate this surface, I will try to parameterize the surface to change the hight and thickness of each part of the surface.

Any information is very much appreciated

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Hi Jerrimo,
These columns look beautiful.
I would suggest starting with two surfaces, one for the base ground and one for the top of the structure.
I would divide the surfaces by mapping a rectagular grid onto both of them and use the 8 resulting points (four on top and four at the bottom) to place the columns (providing that you made the columns based on eight points).
Hope that helps.
Thank you Arthur for the reply, but first of all I have the problem to get an ortho angled edge surface out of the lofted surface, because it is very difficult to trim a surface in grasshopper. This is important because I need a continous surface to create the structure.
Change the Loft type from 'Normal' to 'Straight' with either a LoftOptions component, 'T' input (Straight=2) or the Loft options menu on the Loft Component (Right-click 'O' input, Loft Options)

This is an very interesting problem.

Any other ideas?






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