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   I have a problem with subsurface component, Basically i wanted to divide a surface into several subsurface, and on each subsurface i wanted to draw a square or rectangle in the center of each subsurface, but when i was trying to do that,.. I am able to draw a square on only the first subsurface but not all, Not understanding why,..
Could any one have a look at it please,.?Attached are the file.

Thanks in advance

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i was having the same problem a few days ago. you need to graft the list of sub-surfaces (the graft button is the one with the little sapling icon under "tree" in the "logic" menu) and use the grafted list for further operations.
hey thanks for your time,.. ya i tried the graft component but it didnt work,..but ya i will try again and see,..
Please see the attached modified definition which I believe solves your problem.

Such tasks can be easily managed if you keep an eye on what your data tree structure is and how your selection components are responding to the tree. I constantly use the Parameter viewer and make sure that I am aware of how data is flowing through the various components.

hey sameer,.. thanks for that,.. I don't really have deep knowledge about data tree ,.. but wat i used to do was, when i put any list data into a panel, at the right top corner it shows me "[0:0:0] or [0:0] so i used to correct those by either "flatten" or "graft",,.. But even that didn't work before, if that is wat you ment by Data tree,...could you refer me any sources from where I can learn about Data tree structure.
lastly I was trying to draw that polyline(the end product of the definition) on the subsurface it self, i tried "curve on surface" component, but every time i feed surface and points into that "curve on surface" my GH was hanging,...i dont know if its because of the data tree or wat,..Is it possible to draw that line on the subsurface it self,..??
Well, that is much easier... once you have the subsurfaces, take each subsurface and re-divide it into 9 more subsurfaces. Then select the central one and extract its edges. Does that work for you?

Hey thanks for a quick reply,.. cool,.. but if we do it by extracting the center one, can we increase or decrease the size of it,.?
No, if we do it by this method, you cannot increase or decrease the size of it.

As of now, I can only think of one way of doing that. But this method completely sucks up the computing resources and is therefore prohibitive:

1. Extract the edges of the original subsurfaces
2. Join them
3. Offset them on the subsurface using the OffsetS component.

I wonder if anyone else can suggest a better and cleaner way of doing this... I feel that there must be a way of morphing a rectangle onto each subsurface and then just changing the dimensions of the rectangle. But I dont have the time to figure that out right now.

Awesome,.. Its working,.But ya as you said its taking the whole memory,..
Thanks a lot






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