algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hi, I'm having a problem with the sublist component. The domains appear to be correct, but the values are not getting sorted correctly. I'm stumped.

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image attached, as you can see, 200 and 400 are in the same list


can you internalise your crvs or upload your rhino file?

Ah I think I see the problem. The sublist component doesn't output the data whose values are within the input domains, they output the data whose indices are within those domains.

I'm sorry for the delay in responding! I've been out of town. Thanks for your reply, Brian. This makes sense, but I'm not sure how to achieve my goal. Basically I have this list of numbers, and I'd like to divide the list based on their values, (all the same values are in one sublist, or branch, etc.), do you know how I should do that? Thanks so much for your help.

I found a solution here,

thanks for helping me understand the sublist component.






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