algorithmic modeling for Rhino

I've made this model. And I want to 3D-print it. Therefore I need to remove all the inner faces. How can I do this? I've tried it with Solid Union.

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You can probably just save as an STL file from Rhino and then use this Netfabb online resource to check and repair the file...

Netfabb Cloud Resource

This usually always works for me unless the file is really complicated but I've used it many times to create STL files that my reprap printer can print.

In general you need to have different solids for boolean union to work.  I hope you get the idea from this screenshot and the attached file.  The solids you created in your GH file fail I believe because they have non-manifold edge conditions where they would union.  Boolean union doesn't like non manifold edge conditions.


@ Martyn

That is a great work around! Thanks for the tip!






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