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Hi, i have a simple problem with my clusters; i have a couple of components which some are preview enabled and some aren't. when i cluster them all, the ones which were being previewed in my rhino viewport become disappeared. is this something usual or am i doing something wrong?!

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By default geometry inside clusters is not included in the preview. You can include them via the cluster context menu.


David Rutten

yeah, i tried that, but it still wont show anything!

Can you post the cluster so I can have a look?


David Rutten



Yeah I can repeat that. For some reason the cluster has to be opened or F5 has to be pressed before the stuff inside the cluster becomes visible. I'll see if I can find the bug.


David Rutten

Yup, found and fixed.

Turns out toggling the Preview Contents didn't fully invalidate the display caches, so you had to press F5 to make sure the new setting worked.


David Rutten






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