algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Problem having integrating "processing" and "Grasshopper".

I tried using G howl to integrate processing and grasshopper.The libraries etc... r pretty confusing . 

looking for a startup . any video showing how to get started will b helpful.

Thank u.

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Hi Sridhar,

On the gHowl group page there is a link to download example files and a link to watch some videos.

You need to sign in to the food4rhino service.



Hi  Evert,

I have an account in "food for rhino" i tried those videos but not one shows start ups. havn't got a see not least one showing initial set up .

Example files show errors.

I dont even know if there are set of entities that pop up in ghx toolbar after installing Ghowl.


Evert thanks for reply  :) .  can u get some screen shots of the installation and file integration ...???

                                                                                                  Thank u.





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