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Has anybody worked with automatically printing the Rhino Layout to e.g. PDF from GH? 

I guess a script that controls the Rhino Document and then use command Print, might do some of the trick, but I wondered if anybody had tried this?

This would be very handy, when needing to print pages for different parameters in GH, for now I am changing the parameter, the model changes and I press print, finds the folder, name etc, then does the whole thing again, until I have run through all of the needed parameters.

Let me know, if you have any ideas :)

Cheers Rasmus

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So no ideas? :)

Hi Rasmus,

I use PDF Creator (free) as my default printer for similar tasks as you mentioned above. In its "Options" menu, there is a possibility to auto-save the PDFs that are printed (see screenshot below) with whatever file name you prefer and folder. I normally have the date-time appended to the file name so that each pdf is saved with a different name and doesn't overwrite any existing ones in the same folder.

Once these options are set, it is only a matter of

Rhino.RhinoApp.RunScript("-Print ....

with whatever print options needed.

Hope this helps.

Hi Sridevi.

I only found your reply now :) It's a shame, that replies does'nt come up in the inbox.

But thanks a lot for your input, I will give this a go soon.

Cheers Rasmus

Hi Rasmus ,
did you figure out a way ...if yes could u please share the definition






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