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I am trying to find previous versions of GH on the internet but am having no luck. I want (in particular grasshopper 0.50093) previous versions of GH because I have a few outdated scripts that I have downloaded, although they do not work on new versions of GH. They just preduce errors





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Here is a link to all the GH files I have. Hope this can help someone!

Hopefully that works...


This helped immensely!  Thanks!  Just wondering, you wouldn't happen to have the last version of GH before this newest version 0.900000000xxxxx would you?  Some of my current definitions are no longer working and I'd like to revert back to that version.  Many thanks!

I have version 0.90006 if that helps? Sorry for the lateness, hope this helps.

I have up dated the previous list with a few more files.

thank you very much for keeping older versions, you saved my job!

versions 5.0093;.6.0006; 6.0055; 6.0059; 8.0001; 9.0014 doesn't works for me. I need remote control panel and compatibility with script, which is created on version 6.0019.
If someone can help with version 6.0019, please?

Hey Matthew, did you ever have any luck getting your hands on .50093? 

I'm a new user and thought updating my grasshopper would be a good idea.... ended up not being able to used one of my add on components...


Hi Arturo,

Sorry I haven't been looking for any more GH files. I have only been keeping ones from recent releases. Sorry about this, if you do find it somewhere let me know and I'll upload it so everyone can access it easily.


I have uploaded some more previous versions of GH (for Rhino 4 and 5 (Note all versions on my mediafire page are for Rhino 4, unless specified otherwise)), version 0.90014 was a big release and should suffice for all recent scripts.

Thanks a lot! I was having issues installing the latest version with the Rhino Installer Engine... an older version was the fastest solution. :)

I have added a few more installer files to the list.

thanks very much matthew.






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