algorithmic modeling for Rhino

I am looking for a place to download previous GH versions.  I am using a C# component from Giulio Piacentino to bakeAttributes which no longer functions in 0.8.0006.


Does anybody have an installer for 0.8.0005?  I would be most grateful!



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and it worked in 0.8.0005? are you sure?

Most of his #C components are for 0.6.XXXX.

If it's not working in 0.8.0006 and it was in 0.8.0005, post the problem here, çause i think that isn't supose to happen....





I was wrong.


The above component from Giulio is actually working perfect in Rhino4-SR8 with the new GH 0.8.0006. 

Please note: It doesn't work in current Rhino5-WIP/ GH 0.8.006


This caused me some confusion.





Giulio's C# script can be easily modified to work in rhino 5 with 0.8.006 - in line 194, where it says:


materialIndex = doc.Materials.AddMaterial();


change it to 


materialIndex = doc.Materials.Add();


and all should work properly.

Hi Dan, hi Andrew,

great that you managed to track down the SDK change. Sorry if it took me some time to answer here but thanks for letting me and everyone know. I'll also update the component as soon as there is a public release of Grasshopper with this SDK version.

Please keep me informed in case you find more things! Great job Dan and Andrew,


- Giulio


McNeel Europe, Barcelona






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