algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Here I share a similar to prezi software algorithm, with which to make presentations. Good idea to present your portfolio, project, or presentation.

Obviously Rhinoceros is not designed for this, and Grasshopper takes a long time working with images, but if you're interested in a different presentation, this will be helpful.

For this definition, must be given planar curves that will be the focus of the camera.
In them put the images loaded in Rhino (preferably) or Grasshopper.
Add the scene in Rhino or Gh.

So easy.

Any questions, suggestions or contribution is welcome.

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Its Great Bro, 

While I commend you for a nice demonstration of how to use GH for other purposes than what people usually show, I personally despise Prezi presentations!  Again, this is just my personal preference.  Congrats on creating a presentation system through GH.






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