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What is the difference between the Populate Geometry and the Populate 2D components? Thank you!

Attched is a file with a rectangular surface where I have used both components to generate random points and the solutions are different, although the count and seed are the same for both components.

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hi giulia,

using pop 2D you can only work with rectangles. With pop Geo you can populate either a curve, or a surface, or a sphere or what ever is a geometry no matter what shape it has.

Thanks for replying.

I have used the 2 components to populate the same rectangle and they give me a different set of points (seed and number of points are the same for both components). Do you know why?

can u attach the gh file?

I have added it to the discussion.

sorry, I missed your answer. The two components are independent from each other. They just start with a random population. That's why they are not the same. you could use galapagos to find out which same seeds would cause a perfect match. or if diffenrent seeds will cause a match ;) but i guess thats not the point.

Populate Geometry and Populate 2D just use slightly different ways to generate random points for population insertion. Since the algorithm as a whole is very sensitive to initial conditions it results in different outcomes. Nothing you can do about it I'm afraid.

Although I at least expected the first point to be roughly in the same place. I'll look into it when I have some free time today.






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