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I might be getting old and starting to lose some of my memory; I can't seem to find a simple way of populating the data of a tree A and also match the structure of a tree B.

To clarify:

I have a tree 1:

{0} N=5

{1} N=6

and a tree 2:

{0;0} N=1

{0;1} N=1


{0;18} N=1

{1;0} N=1

{1;1} N=1


{1;19} N=1

I want to basically modify Tree 1 in order to get

{0;0} N=5

{0;1} N=5


{0;18} N=5

{1;0} N=6

{1;1} N=6


{1;19} N=6

which is the Tree 1 with the structure of Tree 2 and the items of Tree 1 {0} branch populated at each {0;*} branch of Tree 2 and the items of Tree 1 {1} branch populated at each {1;*} branch of Tree 2.

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Hi, maybe you already got  it, but here's one solution:

See this discussion

Adding the bit highlighted on the end of David's solution, ensures the paths match before you join.

Thanks David and Julian for the smart solution. I was not aware of the partition list component; really useful. 






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