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I don't know if it is solved before, but is there a way to connect the outermost points of a point grid? Something similar to the attached picture would be fine.

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How did you derive this set of points? It would likely be easier to work from how you isolated these points to then creating a boundary, but still an interesting problem.

Hi Daniel and thanks for your reply.

Every four of these points are mesh vertices from a mesh box that are projected to a plane, by the way the are already clustered into a few branches or Islands.

instead of projecting the points, extract the mesh wireframes, project those, and perform a region union.

I have to work with points in order to achieve the Clustering (i.e. to assign each of these islands to a branch).

Hi Tom and thanks for your reply.

The Convex Hull does not maintain the square logic I want, it just connects the points with the shortest possible polyline. By the way, the islands are isolated already.

Here's a method, the green group is just my setup for an culling out a section of points.

The idea behind this method is to recreate the grid cells of the original point collection, then it goes through the list of cells and checks if all four vertices of that cell are in the collection of new points, and then we use the region union to create our bounding areas.

Seems Cool, but I can't actually see what's going on in the definition. Would it be possible to upload your definition?

as is.


Thanks you Daniel, great Ideas actually. Now I can upload my definition (if you have time) so that we can see what the differences are and how they can be solved.






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