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Hi Dear Grasshopper Users;

I am just wondering how I can generate a plane which is tangent to more than two spheres?


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It still needs work.


it returns with empty parameter but i ll try to work on it

It works for me. 

:S interesting... i think some 3rd party plugins corrupted some default attributes of mine. But thanks for your paying attention and your time. 

I just figure out yours was not workin properly. i made some modification. in deed i made some new. but i cannot go further. perhaps it gives you an idea to put an end to this challenge. This problem really bugs me. Thanks for help.


Here's the definition again but this time I've connected it to your geometry as per your file posted above.




(also note - There are actually 8 tangent planes to a set of 3 spheres, but I'm assuming here it is only the 2 external ones you are interested in)

Could you post a screen shot of the definition for those of use not on 0.9.0056?



For 3 circles in 2D (ie the intersection of the spheres with the common plane through their centres) we can take the intersections between each pair of external tangents, and surprisingly they will always lie on a common line.

It's then easy to find the 2 planes which intersect along this line and are tangent to all the spheres.

As a general rule I try to use the mathematical intersections rather than physical wherever possible, as it's my understanding that they tend to be faster and more accurate (though I've never actually tested to see the difference).

Nice insight.  I wouldn't have seen that in a million years.

i ve been using RH4 sr9. New release of grasshopper works with only RH5 sr3 min. i think thats y i cannot keep up the pace with you guys. its y your GH definitions are not workin on my computer.






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