algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hi there, 

I've been trying for 3 days now to make a pine cone in grasshopper

 using phyllomachine plugin.

The main problem is that I need to transform quadmeshes

that comes out of the phyllosurface component.

But whatever I tried, 

when I start playing with the quadmesh geometries, they subdivid and become no more one unique planar surfaces. Then the petals (out of the petal component) don't use the quadgeometry I want. (view of the inside of the pine cone).

In the second picture, in blue, you can see that it work correctly when I use the orginal quadmeshes out of the phyllosrf, but in red you see the geometry I want.

Is there any way ?

Thank you ;)

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Im not sure why you want to use this shape face, but... is this what you want?


Yes its the geometry I wanted ! But I might miss something... I did what you did, but didn't get the same result :/. Is it possible to share the .gh ?

And the perfect geometry to put in the petal component would be this ... but I don't think its possible considering the pedal component need a quadmesh right ?

Thanks alot daniel!

Sorry I forgot to attach the file. But I see the same result.
Nope, the best thing is to give a face as square as possible. The petal is not an extrusion, you can give it any thickness or ripple. It has all the necessary parameters to model any petal/leaf (along with the BezierCurve component), see attached.







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