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Perpendicular/Normals from Points on a Divided Curve

Hi all,

New to GH. Trying to draw normal/perpendicular lines of a given length (with number slider) from the points of a divided curve. See attached jpg.
Can anyone help?

In the Rhino screenshot I drew the black lines manually, but I am trying to get those in GH. Also, if possible, I would like for all of them to be the same length "X" by using a number slider. The lines have to be perpendicular from the division point.

Thanks in adavance!!!

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Hi Leo,

The components that will make this possible are Perp Frame --> Plane Components --> Line SDL (Start;Direction;Length)

Create a pFrame at every point you have divided the Curve at
Obtain a vector that is perpendicular to the Curve using the pComp
Draw a line from the Divided Point in the perpendicular direction at a set length.

Note settings for Icon Views and Fancy Wires. These can be found on the View menu.
thank you very much for your help, i really appreciate it.


Thank danny Boyes
Please Mr Boyes
I added curve closest point to take t parameter to fill t input parameter of PFrames then i continued as it is visible here in the picture you shared. But sometimes it doesnt work. Doest it work also if its 3d curve ?





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