algorithmic modeling for Rhino

hi all, i'm new with grasshopper... i wanna make a surface that divided by any segments. Every face have a hole that shaped rectangle like in this picture. Any one can help?

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-make a surface

-divide it with isotrim

-place a rectangular inside each subsurface

-cull them with true false

-every true rotate 90deg

-take edges ans rectangular and make planar surface

Best Regards


HI Deda

I got some problem when i tried to place a rectangular shape on my subsurface

i can't make it on the center of my subsurface

can you solve this?

thank you

use area to get center of each subsurface and use it as base plane

but when i use the area, the vector of the rectangle changes like this :

thank you XD

If you use just any point as plane reference grasshopper will always put a xy plane to this point. The point cnnot tell the reference plane its directions. In your case it is just enough to put a xz plane between the C output and the P input






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