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I am a beginner, so I think this is a hard question for me. I want to make a pattern with triangle or hexagon or mixed which are like some islands with different scales from small to big and different sizes as same as the pattern of images attached. How can I make them? It should be changed parametrically. I don't want to use voronoi or delauney. Is it complicated?

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If there is an image which you want to emerging from the tri-grid, this def. might be a reference for your intension.

Thank you HK. I want to do it completely based on a logic, not based on n image through the image sampler. Do you have any idea?

Maybe you can arbitrarily choose try-grid cells using random function or some sort of attractor function for variation of recursive subdivision. and possibly you can make hole definition fully parametrically by using loop algorithm like hoopSnake, Anemone, Generator.

Thanks bro. Do you know what are these components? I could not find it.


You can find them in the link bellow.

Weaverbird  Plug-in

MeshEdit  Plug-in

Thanksssssssssssssssssssssssssss :)

this approach will sort data based on similar distances to attractor points. The data will be placed on the branches - the branch count will equal the the number of attractor points. You can use mesh faces as input or polylines to get the qualities you are asking for. 


nice solution!

Thank you bro, but the attraction points of your file don't work on my computer. Did I something wrong?


Try setting the 3 sliders to different values. I suggest 1,2,3 since going beyond 4 subivision levels can get very slow. I will say that if the attractor points are too far away from the pull points it may not end up producing a branch. If you place a panel on the count output and the output number is less than the number of attractor points then move your attractor points closer until the count matches the number of attractor points. 

Here are some other examples of applying this strategy

Hi :)

I want to make the exact same pattern, but with a different picture and dimensions. Is it possible to upload the grasshopper file? I'm a beginner and i can't understand the logic if i don't try this in grasshopper.

Thank you

if you redo the definition from the picture, instead of asking it, you will have tried in grasshopper already. you will understand the process too.






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