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I am transmitting data in real-time from processing to gHowl. The data consists of point (x,y,z) coordinates that are constantly evolving in processing. Right now, I am only able to send one evolving coordinate per instance. I would like to be able to send 10,20, or even 30 per instance. This would actually give me something to work with in gHop. I believe that it is a simple matter of parsing the data out correctly. However, I was also recommended to read the data from each one of my objects (which contain my x,y,z variables) using dot syntax. So far, nothing has worked.

I have been banging my head against the wall for quite some time now, and would greatly appreciate any insight on this matter. I apologize in advance if this discussion was posted in the wrong area, and if the question is to processing oriented. Looking forward to hear your thoughts.



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Hi Ron,
Have you looked at the gHowl_UDP_swarm example included with the gHowl download? Its just using Daniel Shiffman's example and sending the point coordinates GH.

hei how could u import processing data into grasshoper? only with a vb script?

Hello Giozzi,

gHowl is a set of components which allows the interoperability of various applications.  Through the UDP components, processing and grasshopper can communicate.


What kind of data do you want to pass from processing to grasshopper?

Hello Luis,


I've just get how to do that, there was a problem with mine processing definition but now is ok. However i've send via cam a face recognition from processing to grasshopper in order to move some fabric string depending on mine position. Now i'm working with arduino (via firefly), to make mine model real.







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