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Parametric modelling for Product design - Freelancer needed!


This is a general callout for anyone interested in some freelance work for product design.  I am a designer who works on products for healthcare and wearables, and I have a script for the design of some sunglasses that need some fresh ideas.  I am based n Berlin but I don't necessarily need someone here :) 

Can you please let me know if you are interested or know someone who might be interested?


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Hi Anthony,

I've done several product developments for clients recently using exclusively GH scripting to define the model. I mainly develop outdoor sports products, sunglasses are well within my scope. Im based in Cape Town, South Africa but mainly work with international clients. You can email me on kiteboardshaper (at), we could discuss your project further and I could show you examples of my work.


David Kay

Hallo Anthony,

similar to David I have been working on several projects including Design and Grasshopper Scripting with designers (latest example with PreciosaLighting).

I am running a small company in Vienna, focused on algorithmic support for Architects and Designer. / parametric[at]

Would be very interested to work on a product designs 

Best  Richard


I am also interested.







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