algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Im new in Gh and i just try for the first time the panelling tools..
I want to make a grid with no equal frames
And after to use the points and the segments with attractors.. someone told me that if it not equal i cant make it
Is it true? And if it is there is something else that could help me?
P.s-how i put here print sreen if i want to show it well?
1 second a

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Here are the print screen

Hi Tal

Are you after "non-equal" surface subdivisions like these? (C# used for that: not sure if it's doable with native components, mind).

thanks Peter!
how did you made it? which plug-in is it?

Well ... these are not plug-ins. They are code (C#) that "replaces" GH native components (in fact plug-ins are compiled pieces of code like the above).

Some results shown are quite probably doable with native stuff but some others use a technique called recursion where something does something and then calls itself to continue until a stop condition is satisfied.   

Anyway ... forget these "details" and how these are made: for which case shown are you interested? (I guess: the last one that makes "random" rectangles within a given rectangle).

Ho... i think its to complicated for me in this point.. im a student of architecture and its my first Digital studio..
I have a site to work on and for the beginning i want to divide the area along the borders of the houses and other things there so that i can remake the frod after with attractors point..
I did the grid from curves but the problem is that its not simetric..
I tried now to make it from surfaces and the deconstruct them.. maybe its an easier way
(sorry for my english..)

Well ... there's no reason for panic (for the freaky C# things, he he). BTW: You can use them as any "normal" component (or plug-in) the only difference is that when you double click on them you can have access to the code that does the job (avoid modifying the "text" there, he he).

But as I said forget the technical part:

Provide an EXPLICIT sketch by hand related with what you are after and we'll see what we can do about it (using as much "normal" GH components as possible).

Here's a small simple example just for fun:

A freaky thing makes some random rectangle collection and then redirects the result to a bunch of "normal" GH components for some morphing into a demo (internalized) surface.

As you can see the freaky part doesn't bite (you can used it as any other component) ... but is not as sophisticated as the others captured above.

For some "fun" more ... double click it and ... change anything (but better avoid doing that, he he).


I will look at this

I did the grid as I said from surfaces..and deconstruct them
now I want with the attractors point (optional ways to cross the area)

to find few points that includes the most intersection with all the lines

here some print screen.. (I hope there is a better way to make this)

and if there is an option to connect each point to the other point in a smart way and not like I did manually..


Well ... In general "anything" is possible but ... I guess that you are new to this Asylum: meaning that you MUST post your definition(s) as well if you are asking for some help/opinion/ideas/alternatives etc etc ... since "diagnosis" via Images is not (yet) invented.

Moral: post the definition




Omens are against that case (and Karma):

I don't have this thingy (In fact the only plug in that I use is Kangaroo - although I have some "classic" others installed for helping novices [WB, Starling, Sandbox etc]).


In the mean time get this. Works with your points OR with demo Lists of curves (Either one meaning all VS all or two meaning all of the first List  VS all of second List).

PS: You need to create regions out of all intersections?







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