algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Can sb explain me why i get this overtriangulation in some of my faces?

Thanks Pantelis

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You always want just one windows per triangle? posting the def might help 

Yes one triangulation per face. I am not at my comp right now. Hope you have any suggestions. Thank for the reply anyway.

so split certain or random faces into two sub triangles (any rules or just random?), then offset and fillet?

any suggestions more than welcome

can you send the def now?


thanks for your help


sent the def any ideas ?

got it now, sorry was busy on some other stuff. just so that i get it right, your aim is to make a delauny mesh, dispatch the faces into two lists, leave the first list as is, split the second list into smaller triangles and then do the windows?

or is this what you want?


A - M - A - Z - I - N - G !!!!!!!!!!! I find your solution very imaginative . Thanks a lot this is exactly what i wanted !!!

However I still have no clue why I got this triangulation in smaller triangles, meaning i didnt want to split the list in smaller triangles

Thanks anyway

greetings from greece

great, sadly i dont know either why the boundary component split up the triangles, normally i wouldn't expect such behavior. ill check in next time im in windows again.  






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