algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hi there guys. I am pretty new to grasshopper. recently i tried to digitally reproduce a study model consisting of simple folds and cuts. But it seems that it does not relate to the material world. Are there any good tutorials for origami with grasshopper plugin.


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Have a look at:

+ Andy Payne has developed this Ron Resch fold

hey there Dirk..

I did have a look at before. The Site illustrates origami using rigid origami simulator. Was wondering if this can be done on a grasshopper platform.
Hi Muhammed,

My early stuff used Rigid Origami Sim but later I also showed some examples of origami in grasshopper here and here

It can definitely be done, so long as you have a clear understanding of the underlying symmetry of the movement.

hey dan. thank you for replying..

the issue is that i dont have symmetrical movement. Each fold does not rotate on a specific angle. would like every vertex to be controllable. let me post some pics.

can you forward me the definition and the rhino file of the models that you worked on
Rigid origami simulator cannot be imported to grasshopper because it needs iterative calculation.
I will think about it when grasshopper supports feedback loop.
I deeply agree with you. LOOP is what grasshopper need.
hi Tomohiro:

You can overcome the iteration difficulty by shutting down some of the origami pattern degrees of liberty. Defining symmetries like Daniel Piker says would be one way.

i did a fairly rough example by using circles and spheres to constrain the movement of the triangles. maybe this could help for simple origami fold in grasshopper






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