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Orient panels to custom planes (Master panels and child)-SHOP DRAWINGS-

Hello There,

I have a problem orienting panels to a custom set of planes. Imagine a set of Master panels : general shape and child panels : Final cladding

The idea is to have a set of Master panels (illustrated in red in the bellow image) that defines the general shape of an object (in this case a bridge guardrails) oriented to custom 2d planes, in order to describe the general shape . Until here the definition works fine.

But I also need to orient to the same set of custom planes the child panels. And they need to fit exactly on top of the each other (child on top master) per each Set of master and child. Hope this is clear.

I’ve attached the GH definition and an image

Thank you all in advance


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rereading my previous comment i would replace bad manner with tempered. since i enjoy your posts, the last months, i know you mean good, but sometimes you get a bit over the top to get your point through. hence the nice song with a smile after the link.




I see, no worries


I get your point Joseph. Next time I'll try to be more concise






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