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Orient panels to custom planes (Master panels and child)-SHOP DRAWINGS-

Hello There,

I have a problem orienting panels to a custom set of planes. Imagine a set of Master panels : general shape and child panels : Final cladding

The idea is to have a set of Master panels (illustrated in red in the bellow image) that defines the general shape of an object (in this case a bridge guardrails) oriented to custom 2d planes, in order to describe the general shape . Until here the definition works fine.

But I also need to orient to the same set of custom planes the child panels. And they need to fit exactly on top of the each other (child on top master) per each Set of master and child. Hope this is clear.

I’ve attached the GH definition and an image

Thank you all in advance


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Any one?

Were the child panels baked from a Grasshopper code or did you start with the Rhino model shown on screen. As your code seems to just start with the all on screen Geo internalised. 

If you have this its should not be to hard to map the parent and child.

Matt Thank you for your kindness. I appreciate.

Yes the panels comes from a rhino model not a GH definition and they are internalized in the attached definition. So That's why I'm not able to get them oriented to the master panels. I was wondering if comparing the normal vector of the child to the master panel would let me choose the child panels an then orient them correctly. I'll give it a try.

Ok Forum is back up here.. Try This.

My Edit is in the white groups and your parts of your original work is in the Purple groups

I don't know if it will work for other models mind this maybe a special case. It works because if you currently untrimmed all the child panels they would create the same untrimmed shape as the Parent Panels untrimmed also.

Matt I'm in the subway right now I'll take a look later tonight. Thank you so much

Matt very clever I does work perfectly. I like the use of the replace paths component.

Thank you very much


I must say that the use of the Param Viewer is something new to me. You do mastered the data structure here.

You are a chief

Hi ng5 Alex,

What's the point of your reply. I'm sorry if my explanations are not clear. English is not my primary language. If you're not interested in helping please don't be a douche and waist your time on sending useless links. Next time keep it four you.

It does not require that great english knowledge to read the Hey Joseph part of my answer.

it was an answer to Joseph, who obviously later deleted his answer, telling him to simmer down, because according to my opinion his was replying to you in a bad manner.

please learn english or use a translator before jumping into conclusions and calling someone a douche without valid reasons.

Ok since Joseph deleted his answer and I did not see it. Lets start over. I apologize for my words and hopefully in the future we will help each other


I tried to explain in my deleted comment why this question (along with many others) doesn't grab my interest.  I guess it's considered more polite to leave people guessing about why they get no replies - so be it!






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