algorithmic modeling for Rhino

hi all.
i wonder if it's possible to set up a slider to export geometry instead of a sequence of images...such as obj/dxf/iges/3ds.

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hi mario
so it works also with multiple objects so no problem at all
i think you have wired something wrong ;)
by the way thanks for the hint with the obj script is working really brilliant
best to]
it's working!!!!!!!!!!
it would be nice though to make the script hit enter for you!.
i have 400 meshes in each adaptation and a slider that goes from 0 to i have to press enter 360.000 times!!!
i'm sure you can add a line that does that.



I ran across this thread which is a life saver on a project I'm working on. But there is one hitch ... how can I import multiple Dxf files into 3Dmax ... I've tried on the Max Forum, but no response.


The Ghx works great - so no issues there. Just ned to get the final geometries into Max for an animation.


Any and all help would be greatly aprreciated!

hi kevin

the only way the script works is with obj files, not far as i know

Thanks Mario ...  I  might have to import individually ...

Hi Mario,

I know that this thread is old but to automate the script to hit enter for you just go to the code in line 92 and replace the code line for this one:

app.RunScript("_-export " & sFileName & "_enter _enter")

For me is working in perfection!

Hi All,

With new version of Grasshopper, this script is obsolete.

Have you got an update component for export in *.obj ?


I would not use a plugin, just a VB or C#.

This component is to you ?

Hi there,

I have been trying to use Marc's initial definition for curves but it only works for circles? How can I make it so it works for curves.

Also ideally I want to export as .iges








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