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I am quite new at grasshopper and I have to make a 3D object with grasshopper for class. I have been trying to loft the circles at the bottom to the circles at the top but not in an aligned way... I am not quite sure how to explain it in words but it shows better in the picture. I tried to use shift list for the circles on the top but it doesn't give me a different result as just lofting it aligned.. Is there a way to do it? Please help!!

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Just like this?


something like that.. is it possible to have that lofting effect but instead of surfaces, they are pipes that i can change the radius of the circles at the top and bottom?


oh thank you!! that's greatt

So you want the columns alone to "shift/wrap", not the outer surfaces?

Forgot to save the last edit the first time and forgot to rename the file this time...


Or the columns and the surfaces?


Just the columns! that looks fantastic thank youu!

When components are spread out so far apart, it's hard to see the whole picture.  It requires a lot of scrolling the canvas.  Part of the code at the top that creates columns is duplicated below; I fixed that:

Nice object






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