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No Brainers Problem Only ! Acquiring a polyline from other set of lines midpoints ?

Hello All,

In advance, I apologize if there were similar discussions on this problem but I couldnt find any of it yet. My problem should be quite easy. Maybe I am trying to sort it out with a wrong method.

So as you can see on the pictures I'm trying to make a fence without using any of the Rhino commands from the following method in the GH canvas.

What I need is that I need to acquire a middle horizontal line/s (just like yellow colored in the picture, as separate each if possible) from the middle point of the vertical lines. 

I thought it should be done with changing the lexical rules, but I forgot that I didn't acquire these lines from multiple lines using Rhino commands and defined them to GH.

Instead, I used copying method with range set component so that seems will not work..

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this could be a way i think:

or as segments:

Yayy brilliant !

Thanks for your solution, that helped a lot... However, for my further understanding, can you briefly explain why you needed to flattened the list and inverted at the wrap on "shift list" and also grafted on B instead of A, unless I'm bothering for bringing a lot of explanations ? 

Additionally, if I want to add another horizontal line as 2nd,3rd,..., is it the only way to repeat the process like in the picture below or are there any other easier method from the place you finished the previous process..?
I just wanna simplify things to the remote panel on rhino and change the settings there. Maybe my method is not eligible for this and may have chosen some other method for this from the very beginning.

Or this too if you just want the middle pt. 

Set> Tree> Flip Matrix

Curve> Analysis> Point on Curve

Wow very simplified method also but do you really need flip matrix for this method ? 
What if i remove flip matrix and connect the line segment directly to the point on curve ?

Btw correct me if I am wrong, Point on Curve is the similar version of Evaluate Curve isnt it besides the one you used has control bar and simpler ? 

Are there any limitations about something either one of these components ?

Nevermind my first question, i gotcha now :) 

So I come up with the conclusion just like in the embedded. Didn't made a separate middle beam as i couldn't figure it out the method of @Chapulin has used but it looks and works okay for me. Maybe I will try a boolean difference later for this.

Now the next mission is to open the middle of 2 sector axis rotational door out of 4 sectors at total. So that the middle sectors will fold on to the outer sectors. I need the middle outermost edge to get the axis of this rotation. 

How can I do this in the most simplest way ? For now, I'm thinking to deconstruct brep and make a long search from the hundreds of edges of the middle sector doors which i can't right now as it is 03:15 am.. :)


Something like this?


yes, that's perfect more like a magic :)

I was deeply figuring it out your methods and also how you found the y-axis as I'm a little stranger to GH because not have a chance of practicing very often but now I perfectly understood. Thank you so much.

Btw would you mind telling me how did you make this cute little GIF image ? Are there any program in grasshopper which exports the animation as gif like kangaroo or so ?






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