algorithmic modeling for Rhino


please can anybody tell me if I need to create a new account what is the web. address

for that ?

I tried with my gmail.address to create a new account and log in but it didn't work.

hopefully great news is this new website forum for all Rhino users. As it is for me.


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The forum should be correct for the forum.  You can create a login in the upper right.  Currently it creates a Rhino Account that can be used for the forums and for Rhino 6 licensing.

When you hit Log-in does it ask to create an account? If you continue to have trouble creating and account, please email and AJ can take a look at it.

Thank you very much
For your reply.
It works now, from my mobil. And i will need to come back to my PC and check it again.

The best to you and all rhino team






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