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I am not sure where to post this, either better to be solved by VB, Plugins, or Native components….

I am working on an animation. Ive tried both Giulio Piacentino’s script and Centipede. However I run into the same problem- 

The animation I am working uses many sliders to manipulate many aspects of different  geometries (in ways that remapping values would not work). 

I have set up a sample solution- that I was thinking useful- however I am wondering if there is a better way to do this for animation since the solution doesn’t really work as a time line.

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Hi Monique,

did you change the Grasshopper 'skin'? I'm just trying to figure out why your components are white.

If you want to animate multiple values over time, then I'm afraid there's nothing in Grasshopper that will do it for you. You'll need to come up with some custom animation. It's pretty cumbersome, but I attached a file that animates 3 different values using a single timeline slider.


David Rutten

Poprad, Slovakia


When I open your file, I get an error :

"Archive file written with newer version: 0.9.0001"


Does the file not actually open, or is it just the version warning?


David Rutten

Poprad, Slovakia


I think I am going to explore a more graphic set up as your script suggests...


Otherwise - Unfortunately, I thought so too… I will keep tinkering to solve this, and if I stumble across something useful I will definitely share. 

I did change the grasshopper skin. :D Its easier to visually index what node display is on and off when I am scrolling through my set up. 


Here's my attempt:

It's reaaaly cumbersome and not tested on anything, but maybe you'll find it useful.
Perhaps a little explaination is needed:

In "operation mode 1" (use timeline = False) the sliders on the top function normally, you can use this state to test your definition.

In "operation mode 2' (use timeline = True) the sliders are not used and the values are derived from the position of the timeline slider. For this to work you need to specify the "timeline range" for each slider. The positioning of the sliders is done manually, of course. Used gh canvas grid as additional help guides...


wow thats pretty cool. 

It may still be a bit cumbersome, but definitely a step closer in the direction I want to go. Thanks!

Do you think its possible to animate a slider by using the “timer” node?

1. I'm glad you find it useful. Btw, I found an error in the previously posted file - it didn't rescale the sliders properly in "timeline mode". Corrected version attached.

2. I would suggest to use the counter built into the kangaroo plugin:

use the output instead of the timeline slider and you'll have the "animation preview" functionality.


and as a follow-up: a definition that let's you choose between 3 operation modes:

- separate sliders

- single timeline slider

- animation preview

(you need the Kangaroo plugin to run the last one)


I was trying the Kangaroo slider earlier- it seems promising, although I got tangled on setting up domains/coordination/timing via the counter.

PS: I’m using Giulio Piacentino’s script for animation and I’m just toggling the interval. 

I was thinking (but I don’t know C#) to set the script to read doubles instead of intervals? - so I can manually update the sliders myself. 

I haven't tried Giulio's script, I bet it rocks, as usual ;-)

You could also try the counter that comes with the Firefly plugin, it has built in domain clamping & interval control.

Your question gave me an idea. Attached is a definition that allows you to record the motion of multiple sliders and then replay that motion with a single slider. Not sure if it's exactly what you were after but it might be helpful.

I'm uploading a video to vimeo on how to use it/how it works, but in the meantime you'll have to rely on the instructions in the definition. Let me know if you have any questions.


The video will be here in about 30 min:






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