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Hi forum

I'm writing a script for nesting a series of rectangles in a sheet of metal, ready to be cutted with laser or CNC. Anyone of you have some hints or links about nesting algorythms?

Thanks in advance



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Algorithm for 2D irregular-shaped nesting problem

Nesting of Complex Sheet Metal Parts

Optimizing Allocation of Two Dimensional Irregular Shapes using an Agent Based Approach

Algorithmes Heuristiques et Evolutionnistes :Application à la Résolution du Problème de Placement de Formes Irrégulières

Applying Meta-Heuristic Algorithms to the Nesting Problem Utilising the No Fit Polygon
If you can afford, these are not for free :
Solving pattern nesting problems with genetic algorithms employing task decomposition and contact detection

many others $

Hi Paolo
Sorry, something went wrong with last version of Firefox... Salutations and a bit of blahblah got stuck in a pipe ...
I was saying that ... I am a model-maker, fed up with placing thousands of small parts onto stock all year long ... and that it sure worst a bit of headache to get a virtual slave for that task.
I have started with vb-script, until i realized that maintaining as much memory as needed for that task without class handling was stupid : I couldn't manage to release a class in rhino-script without restarting the script engine... too bad, and I was afraid of loosing more time binding a VB app to Rhino, despite the huge amount of VB code that David Ruten was already providing.

In fact, as far as I remember, real optimization require lots of recursive calculation.
Depending on the amount of parts to place it can be really heavy.

The first link of my previous post sound very interesting.

I also attach a C# component provided by michael sprinzl .

It works fine.


I also attach a C# component provided by michael sprinzl .

Hi Stanislas

first of all thanks for all your hints, very very complete. Now i got something to read for the weekend ;-)


"In fact, as far as I remember, real optimization require lots of recursive calculation"

you're right, but I don't want to obtain a real optimization, that maybe need a more precise work

with code and memory managment... I'm satisfied if I can sufficiently reduce material waste.

I made an experiment with Galapagos some times ago:


Yesterday I change some parts of the definition and I run some test, it seems it works well with rectangles, I will post when it's finished. Bye

Hi Paolo.


Real waste mainly depends on the shapes you intend to process :

many voids or Ushapes generates lots of waste.

Have a nice weekend... Bye

hi Paolo

have you gotten anywhere with this?








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