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 Hi guys,

in a  book of 2011 I read ...

"Multiply" component...the icon I see is "VMul" with V and F like input and V and  L in output 

but  in the last version of Grasshopper I don't find this component. It is changed?



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And years later... :)

I have to ask something in addition about this mentioned book.

I created my surface with surface division by "u" and "v" count.

Following to this program just creates an interpolated curve on just "U" or Just "V" direction.

What if I want to convert it to the other side like if it gives me the "U" direction, I want to convert it to "V" direction.

You can see the question that I am asking at the attachment in blue lines.

How do I get the blue lines that I want to acquire instead the red lines that the GH created for me already?


hey could anyone quick send me a solution for this rotation of the UV divisions pleasse ??

Thanks for this plugin Tom,

So this means standard Grasshopper cant make any simple rotation of the uvs without any plugins ??

Do you mean by using rebuild surface command or rebuild uv surface. Tried them both but changing or swaping the counts of the U and V counts didnt work in rebuild surface command.

Even the rebuild UV command didnt work when i try to update my surface UV direction.. (like i converted the v direction to U direction)

Can you be more specific about this in rhino command ?

You can see my issue again in the picture. Im trying to create an interpolated curve on a surface in black lines which arrows also indicates that. But even i update my surface with this settings i cant get any black lined curves besides it always creates these green lines all the time regardless updating my U&V directions in Rhino. :/

Thanks for your help really appreciated..

aw thank you very much. Now i can do the flipped version as you described. 

So do we learn a new special trick for this :) I will look at your plugin and will do some practising on more new features from it. Cheers..






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