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I'm trying to create a set of randomized dashed lines using a set of dash lengths and a fixed gap length. I have one line working but need multiple instances of this all different from each other. Any help is appreciated.


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You need to generate different seeds. One for each curve. Otherwise the random pattern will stay the same.

Can I achieve that using a single random component with multiple seeds or do I need to cut and paste?




thanks David, that works nicely. One thing I can't figure out though: the top 2 lines are the same every time no matter what the settings...?

It's because making a range with X segments actually results in X+1 number, whereas making a random component with X seeds just makes exactly X values.

If you put the expression "x+1" in the [N] input of the first random component it should match up.

Or rather, since your slider is marked "# of lines" you should put an "x-1" expression in the [N] input of the Range component.

figured it out - I added a 1 to the # of results input on the first random comp.

I do have another question though.. I'd like the right side of the pattern to always end with a complete "dash" rather than a gap or part of a gap..

I'm guessing the def would have to loop somehow to take the results, check them for a full dash, then adjust the settings if this is not the case..?







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