algorithmic modeling for Rhino

I am trying to set up a pattern that has 2 different scale factors for 2 different lists of attractor points.

Does anyone know how it might be done?

I currently have them set so both lists are scaled by the same factor - I want one of the lists (Smaller columns) to only be scaled by a factor of 2 or 3. With the other list (Big Columns) scaled by 5.

Any help is appreciated

Thank you

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Hi Mark

I'm not able to understand your question, also, your definition is way too scattered could you use grouping and make the definition more usable.


I have simplified the file for you.

I have 2 lists of attractor points, I want to scale them by different factors. (currently they are both sharing the same factor of 5)

Is it possible to set both lists to scale by different factors? SO the second lists doesn't remove as many planar surfaces (cull) as the other list does.

Hope this helps. Thanks for you help


Any luck?

Like This? Cull with only 1 group of attractors first, then use the second group to cull the result of first step, so you can set dfferent scale factors.

If you prefer to do this "simultaneously" (so called), graft your factors and your attractors (and make sure the orders you link them to other components are the same). But this wont be easier, cuz firstly you should make sure datatree matching, and after all you have to calculate the difference between 2 culling results...  



Thank you that is exactly what I wanted






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