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move to correct z coordinates/levels- from planar curve to 3d curve

Hi everyone, I am a beginner but have made some points which is in plane level here in Grasshopper. As next step I want to move these points back to the coordinates of the 3D curve, more specifically I want to modify them to Z-levels. I tried with simple deconstruct, took the Z coordinates of the 3D line, made a move for the Planar points with the Z coordinates. But the result was not correct. Any Idea or suggestions? I will be thankful! :)

(See the pic.) The first one is without moved points

the second: with Move and Z coordinates

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This might be one way.

Hi, thank you for your help. I tested this. It actually worked until I realised that the distance or location will not be exactly correct because of the "curve closest point".

What I instead used is LINE SDL with vertical Z direction and there after take intersect between the lines and 3D curves.But this means that you have to be sure that the SDL line will cross the 3D.

If this is not working then we can also use Curve Proximitym (using SDL lines and 3D curve as inputs). This will give you more correct values.






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