algorithmic modeling for Rhino

There was a similar definition to this posted a while ago but I can't find the link.

I did my own version which is attached. It takes a square or hexagonal grid and morphs the grid cells according to their distance from a point.

I expect there is a better way of doing this as I struggled with the data management as usual so I'd be keen to see any similar solutions that are a bit neater.

I also tried to create boundary surfaces with the cells and then give them colour which I could do but couldn't figure out how to bake the surface colours along with the geometry... tried the FabTools plugins for baking but couldn't get it to work. Any ideas?

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This is WAY COOL!  I saw this in the sidebar but didn't realize you had posted it here.

Is the Treesloth plugin ('Shift Paths') really necessary?  I plugged a native version in two places and it looks OK to me?

Haven't got the black and white coloring pattern worked out (yet) but I love it!

Got it!  Beautiful pattern, brilliant code.  Thanks for sharing it.  (attached version not using Treesloth)

Nice work!
What I'd tried to do was create a surface using both black and white tiles and then bake the surface with the colour attribute but that is what is tricky. There's examples of doing this with meshes but not surfaces.

I'll post more later when I'm on my laptop

I'd tried a triangular grid too but it's different because each row of triangles is flipped upside down






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