algorithmic modeling for Rhino

i have been a Generative Components user for a long time and only an occasional grasshopper user. but i have been using it more and though i would start to port my C# libraries over. the first one is a minimal surface generator. i will release it as soon as i get 2 bugs worked out. 
here are some screen shots. the calculations are fast enough for real time feedback which is good. 

the plugin takes 4 boundary curves and stretches a minimal surface between them (think of the 4 curves as wires you dip in soap like frei otto) 

after i finish this i may port over a plugin that can read maya nParticles in real time and display them as point clouds with all the extra data (acceleration, speed, size, color...)

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I am currently in a studio class which is working with minimal surfaces, and I am looking forward to a plugin which will make more variations. I have been trying to do this for so long, I cant wait for the release!
thanks for sharing! it really helps a lot! looking forward your coming components!

Also possibly of interest, I've been playing around with exposing my plug-in code to Grasshopper for determining minimal surfaces. Mine works on meshes, and assumes at present that any free edges (edge with a single face) are restrained. I just uploaded files to my blog ( ) for Costa Minimal Surface, and will add a few
other examples. Options for restraining nodes, or nodes to curves can be added reasonably quickly if it's of interest.

do you have to pay for the main plug-in for this to run?
Hi Robert,

I'm offering a free trial to everyone to test and try the tools. After that, if you're using the plug-in for commercial purposes, then I've been charging for the use of the tools as a service license. If you're a student/academic, then with some proof I'm hoping to retain the tools as a free service.



Hi Jon

Does this plug-in work to be able to create a Schoen P Surface too?

Well, it can create a mesh representation of it.  See if this helps.

all i have updated the minimal surface plugin. there are now 2 options. 1 is the original 4 curves and the new one is 2 curves. you can use either 2 open or 2 closed curves. for example if you use two circles you get a catinoid

hi robert
thanks for your efforts.. it is really great to get minimal surface inside GH
i tested your plugin and i get wrong results (i run the same solution on rhino membrane - left one)
so u0 u1 are describing semicircles

Interesting test case. Do you mind posting a RhinoMembrane result so I can try testing my result? Else here's 1 result, grasshopper definition available from the Costa Minimal Surface post on
hi Jon and Robert
thanks for your fast replies
attached the membrane solution
Thanks for that, looks like I also have some testing and improving to do, I've got the right shape but not as small an area mesh. I'll post back when I get a closer answer.






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