algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hi Guys,

Would you know how to generate a minimal surface from more than 4boundary curves?

I have tried using this great plugin:

but it is limited to 4boundary curves which is not always enough...

Thanks a lot,


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cool. Its quite possibke to use fabric to create the shapes produced by minimal surafces. In design teh woeght is ngeligibel. Its not always desireble due to flat areas but they can in some case be optimal as they theoretically the fabric will be stressed uniformly. Ill have a play around with your plug-in

Hey Robert,
I ve got an example in which i couldn't really make it work.
Please see the image.
Which curve would you use as input?
Many thanks,

try this.

Thanks Robert,
It gave me this:
but how would you avoid the rounded corners?

I am looking for documents on minimal surfaces.

I would kindly ask you if you could help me in this way. THANX

did you receive my massage?

just up the U count so it samples the curves more
Thanks robert
The curvature is not so homogeneous though...did i do something wrong?

its hard to see in the image can you post the files
Thanks Robert,
Here is the file,
We ended up using the Patch script but it would be much better if i could use your Minimal Srf tool!.
hello arthur,
i've had a similar question and been following your thread.
looks pretty old -- was the problem solved?
i'm not keen on doing it this way -- is there an alternative.
looks like you are keen on discovering this too as i have noticed you had started another thread thats similar but trying to achieve something completely different.
ognek, what is your question, is it how to use more than 4 curves? if so i can post an example. also take a look at these images. they use 6 curves to make up the initial surface then that was multiplied by twelve then 8






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