algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Dear all, 

I am working with minimal surfaces and i am trying to convert the mesh that I obtain  after having relaxed the geometry into a surface. However, doing that results into a very messy amount of lines when I do the make 2D in rhino.

Does anyone have any suggestion on how I could "clean" the surface in grasshopper or rhino before doing the make 2D?.

I am at my first trials with grasshopper and It is quite urgent.

thank you in advance!!

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Hello Tom, 

Thank you very much for your reply. 

I will try to do as you suggested, modelling the surface on the mesh ... Do you have any specific suggestion on how to do that? I was thinking of simply trying to loftthe curves on the mesh in rhino... As I have said I am quite new with  proper 3d modelling so maybe you have another and better option?

thanks again.

Hello, Thanks again for your reply. 

I was just trying to relax geometries yesterday. But what I would like to achieve is this(pictures)... I am watching a tutorial for blender as i cannot find it for grasshopper, in order to do the batwing cube. The last picture its a bit more irregular, I guess It has been made with the voronoid diagram... anyway, as I need to do a building out of it , it would be nice to have all surfaces so that I can do further modelling in rhino... do you have any suggestions for tutorials as well? 


Dear Tom,

Thank you for your reply.

I was wondering if you could suggest me a tutorial for gyroid minimal surface for grasshopper .

As i said, I am trying with blender but It is quite hard to model there as i have more experience with rhino.

Thanks a lot in advance 

Oh I see... you would not be able to help me even with a schwartz P surface right? that is my second option...and I cannot find any tutorial on that either

Here is some info on the batwing, hope this helps!

thank you Kim and Tom for your help!

I will try as you showed Kim. 






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