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Hi at all,

I want to try a offset from a mesh in Grasshopper.
I have try this with Wb but the mesh does not look good.
Is it possible to get the rhino function offsetmesh via VB or C#?
Or there are other ways to get an offset with grasshopper?

Oh and the mesh is not planar!!



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Maybe post the mesh in question to show what 'does not look good' means ?

Looks like WB and MeshOffset give the same result on my test-case. Can you show us what's wrong with the WeaverBird mesh?

The Rhino offset function is available in the SDK, so you could call it from within a VB/C# script component. Do this:

  • Create a VB script component.
  • Rename the first input to M
  • Rename the second input to d
  • Open the menu for the first input and set the type hint to Mesh
  • Open the menu for the second input and set the type hint to Double
  • Double click the component and type the following code:
    A = M.Offset(d)


David Rutten

Seattle, WA

Thanks David,

It works perfect.

Is it now possible to close the offset?



How could it be integrated to make the resulting mesh as a solid?

Once more thanks for the great quick and efficient solutions. I can say i created my first VB component!


The Mesh.Offset method has an optional solidify input.

Hello Andres, thanks for the reference.
Since i'm not familiar with scripting, I wouldn't know which lines to add to include solidify option.

Any help?

You add the second optional argument (a boolean in this case) when calling the method, like so (using GHPython):

offsetMesh = nameOfMesh.Offset(42.00,True)

Amazing, thank you!

Last question.
How can i save the newly created pythonscript component (to which i added an S input bool for solidity) as a GHA user object? I might not be using this mesh transformation for weeks now, so it could be useful having it as a custom object.


Select the GHPython component and go: File > Create User Object

again, thanks!

No worries :)






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