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I am just wondering what are the differences between Mesh, Geometry, Surface and Brep? Can they be replaced with each other easily?

Does anyone know if I want to transform a mesh into surface, how should I do with it using mesh edit?

Thank you

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A mesh is a collection of triangles and quadrilaterals. It is defined internally as a list of vertices (points) and faces (each face connects either three or four vertices). Meshes also support per vertex normals and colours, as well as a host of other properties.

A surface is, well, a surface. It consists of a single smooth area but may have custom edges. If a surface is just a (deformed) rectangle and it has no custom edges, it is called an 'untrimmed' surface. Surfaces with custom edges or holes punched into it is called a 'trimmed' surface.

A brep is one or more surfaces joined together. If a brep only contains a single face, then it is the same thing as a surface. For surfaces to be joined together into a brep, they need to share some of their edges.

Geometry refers to all types of geometry supported by core Grasshopper, this includes meshes, surfaces, and breps, but it also includes boxes, curves, lines, circles, points, etc.

It is possible to convert breps and surfaces into meshes, it is sometimes possible to convert a mesh back into a surface, but even if it is possible, it's difficult.

Thank you very much.

I am clearer now, that really helps!






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