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Hello everybody,

in the 0.8.007 version I am facing the problem that I can´t map the intersection points on to unrolled curves.

I used first the shutter component to get the distance of the curve between the points.

In the next step I used this distance to shutter the unrolled curve. But this doesn´t work.

Any help is appreciated and hopefully there is an easy solution

thank you in advance

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Hi Jerrimo,


There are two things to grasp here.  Firstly: That the parameter of a curve and the Length along a curve are NOT the same thing. Secondly: That the "gap" between intersections is NOT sufficient to get what you need.


To sort this out use the Mass Addition component to get the length along the curve for each intersection and then the Eval Length Component with the Normalised Boolean set to false to get the curve parameters to shatter by.

Wow thank you Danny for the quick reply and the nice explanation.

It helped me a lot also for further operations.









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