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Hi there,

Hope to find a good Samaritan able to help me here. I have a data tree structure consisting of repetitive items on each list in a random order. My intention is to Isolate the sets individually at each branch keeping the same data structure than the original one (like the exercise attached), but in a fashion that this data manipulation can be sorted out with less manual input (like having an unique cluster to handle this data ideally), since this logic wont work if new "fruits" are added into the cart =) i.e. watermelons and oranges!

Apps I used in this exercise: Anemone, Wombat

Thanks for your time!


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Pffff, this was far too difficult. I couldn't think of a way to take a tree and duplicate every branch N times fully automatically. So I had to flatten the entire tree, duplicate the flat list until it had the correct length, then rebuild the tree from scratch.

I think I got there in the end though, but it aint pretty.


I did not have all your plugins so I have not been able to verify if it is ok, but just in case, here is my alternative.


Pretty neat!

Metahopper's "Wrap" and "Unwrap" list functions can make operations like this a bit simpler / cleaner - by allowing you to operate on lists as objects. 


David, Daniel and Andrew,

Kudos to you guys!, thanks so much for sharing your samples, very interesting and illustrative results in three different ways, also thanks for showing me how a nested tree path should be properly done =).







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