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Manipulate point cloud density regarding load values (Millipede)


I would like to create points with a simliar smooth distribution as "Populate 3D", with regard to load values which are calculated by millipede 3d topology optimization. So far I achieved a solution that does it the other way around and culls pts of a point cloud instead.

Problem is... I can't create more than 1 million pts (takes 45 min.) and culling out points produces pattern, as I can't create enough load value point density with Millipede. The gradient between different density areas should be more smoothly, unlike in the last snapshot, but like in Daniel Piker's Dynamic Remeshing with Plankton

Following snapshots illustrate the process until I generate lines via Proximity and then use Marching Cubes. I would need 10-30 times more pts for my goal, but I dont see any possibility how to do this. Theoretically I would know how to do it... combine the code behind "Populate 3D" with areal density value regarding load values. Any help how to do this would be highly appreciated, no matter which software, but preferably grasshopper of course.

Please find the rhino and gh file here:

Many thanks,


p.s. open gh file with cautions. Calculation takes a few minutes

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I commend your simple request for GPU acceleration in Grasshopper 2.
I hope that there is a solution a little sooner than that.

Dear Oliver, 

how did you convert the point cloud to mesh geometries?

I could not access your gh file since you already moved it. 

thank you in advance






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