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Mandrill - MIDI REALtime bridge for Grasshopper

I am starting a thread to discuss a piece of code I was working on recently. It was codenamed Mandrill to fit into the Rhino Zoo :D

Description from food4rhino: 

Utilizing MIDI Controllers to drive Grasshopper. Use all those knobs, pads and sliders in MIDI controllers to update your script parameters in realtime. Taking different approach than Firefly and OSC.

Works with real-world MIDI controllers, as well as virtual controllers (Core-MIDI apps running on iPhones, iPads and Android devices).

This is the first release of this Grasshopper plug-in, it is a Proof of Concept. I am waiting for your comments here and on food4rhino.

Installation and usage described deeply, with images in the pdf manual which is packed in the zip, that contains the software.

The project is now pending approval on food4rhino. When it will be accepted, I will link it here. For now I am pasting a link to download All-in-one .zip with the software

Edit: As written in next posts, Mandrill is available on food4rhino at:

Mandrill on food4rhino

Tell me what you think about Mandrill, show what you did with it, ask for support or just say you like it!



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Hi Simon,
ahh path encoding, that's strange. I used the predefined user path to avoid the problems with encoding/localization and write access rights. And Mandrill is not using UDP, to avoid the connection stability problems.

I will look into your problem. My first observation: On the screenshot I can't see the icon of mandrill standalone. Are you sure you did run the exe and you have it running in the background? I assume you replugged the "Mandrill Core Back" with your path to all the Pad/CC components, right? What error you are getting in the Pad/CC components?  Is your error: "1. Solution exception:'NoneType' object is not subscriptable"? I was able to reproduce such error, with grasshopper running but without Mandrill Standalone (mandrill_0.1b.exe) In that case you just run the standalone and grasshopper catches up. It is valid only for the first run, when no data was yet recorded. You can send me your .ghx and I'll look into it. Send me also a screenshot with the console output from mandrill.



Hi Kuba,

sorry for the delay...

The Mandrill.exe running in the background doesnt change a thing. (maybe I just closed it before making the screenshot... ) Even if the data is there. The main problem seems to be missing parts of the Python script in the individual components. I doubt there is only these few lines inside... CHeck out this screenshot.

Could it be caused by GHPython? The missing outputs are strange but I remember it happening with some old Ladybug components...

Anyway, the error I´m getting at all the components (Mandrill Pad, CC Knob and CC Button) is 1. Solution exception:Index je mimo hranice pole. translated: 1. Solution exception:Index is out of array boundaries...  It´s really strange it appears in czech too.

Mandrill screenshots:

Anyway, here´s the .gh and .ghx.


I have been trying for a couple of days to set this up with my XONE:K1 midi controller as a way to adjust settings in grasshopper. And I am feeling like I am very close to getting it to work but no success yet. I'm wondering if anyone has gotten it to work with the current Rhino 6 WIP, or if perhaps that might be the cause of my problems. Anyone have any suggestions to pass along about getting this to work?

Hi Kuba, 

I'm interested in using mandrill to manipulate robotic toolpaths using the Akai LPD8 incorporating TACO/ROBODK in grasshopper, while also sampling audio files through ableton or logic.. have you come across someone using an Akai LPD8 to manipulate these kind of variables simultaneously?
Or links between audio and visual manipulation using Mandrill?








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